About Us

What is Good Boy Labs?

Good Boy Labs is the organization that controls FLASK and additional products that will comprise the Good Boy Labs ecosystem. You won’t find a DAO with the kind of pro-equality culture born from failure and the incompetence of the previous team. Our alignment is with every degen out on the crypto verse who has been done dirty, cheated, and rugged.

Is the FLASK token a stable coin?

No, stable coins are pegged to the U.S. dollar. The goal is to become algorithmically stable at the protocol calculated backed value.

FLASK is backed, not pegged.

FLASK is backed by a treasury with assets acquired by bonds voted on by the Good Boy Labs governance system. The value of FLASK is determined by our patented NGU technology.

What makes FLASK different from other OHM forks?

We believe the Olympus model has multiple uses beyond reserve currencies and pump n' dumps. We're using the OHM mechanism for bootstrapping liquidity with the intent of building a varied ecosystem of cohesive services. FLASK is the center of the ecosystem that Good Boy Labs is creating.

What is (
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Why is protocol owned liquidity important?

Protocol owned liquidity is important because it decreases short term volatility in the price of the FLASK token. It will also allow us to generate revenue for the treasury with aggregate yield strategies.

What is a rebase?

When the FLASK protocol creates new tokens the rebase mechanic gives a portion of these new tokens to FLASK stakers. This allows FLASK holders to maintain a similar proportion of tokens relative to the amount minted.

What is a reward yield?

A reward yield is the percentage by which your staked or bonded tokens accrue in supply.

What is APY?

APY is short for annual percentage yield. Annual percentage yield is illustrative of the yearly rate of return on your principle investment with respect compound interest.

How is the APY calculated?

The APY is derived by the formula set in the smart contract for FLASK.
This is done with respect to the:
  • Total amount of users staked
  • Total supply of FLASK
  • Total balance of the treasury
  • Decay rate
  • Gons distributed

How does FLASK plan to maintain its staking APY?

Good Boy Labs plans on creating multiple streams of revenue with innovative products, aggregate yield farming strategies, and a curation into integration method of community suggestions.

Do I have to unstake and stake FLASK on every epoch to get my rebase rewards?

Staked FLASK is compounded automatically with no further input from the user. Simply stake and forget.

How do I track my rebase rewards?

Rebase rewards can be tracked on our staking interface.
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